Christmas is coming sooner than you think, and with it comes what Bad Apple detests most of all: Christmas cheer! In author Huw Lewis Jones’ newest installment to the Bad Apple series of picture books comes a tart tale aptly called Peas on Earth.

The book opens to Granny Apple singing carols, Plums wrapping presents and Mince Pies being merry. In fact, every piece of fruit known to man is as jolly as can be. Sprouts, Cheeses, Chocolates and even snakes are invited to join in the fun. Then at last comes the Peas — first one and then hundreds, and that’s when the party really begins. Everyone is having fun… well, everyone except Bad Apple, that is. Bad Apple is doing what Bad Apple does; he’s throwing a temper tantrum and stomping on a Santa hat. In fact, if he has his way, he’s going to completely ruin Christmas.

Peas on Earth is an adorable installation to the Bad Apple series of picture books. Young readers get to see vibrant fruit preparing for Christmas festivities. They also get to see how an adult (Granny Apple, in this instance) deals with a temper tantrum.

As always, author Huw Lewis Jone’s prose is witty and fast-paced, and laced with vocabulary that is perfect for grades K-3. Illustrator Ben Sanders’ depiction of laughing fruit, frolicking snakes and bouncy cheeses are sure to keep readers smiling to the very end. His vibrant use of color is quite exception, and will probably make young readers wish they could take a bite out of that crispy Bad Apple — only a little one, not enough to hurt, of course.

Use this book to discuss Christmas, other holidays, family occasions, and yes, even temper tantrums — why they happen, and how to diffuse them.


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