For every child that ever dreamed of a far-out pet, author Gabby Dawnay’s new picture book is a must-have. It is called, If I Had a Crocodile, and is the next installment in the “If I Had a…” series of books. Other titles in the series include:

If I Had a Kangaroo
If I Had a Vampire Bat
If I Had an Octopus

In this adorable book, our favorite little narrator is daydreaming of her very next pet. She doesn’t want a frog or a fish or a snake. She’s not interested in an exotic bird, a swan or even a dinosaur. But oh, the wonderful and exciting things she could do if only she had an crocodile as a pet! She would want a sassy crocodile that wears cool accessories, like shades and a briefcase; a musically inclined crocodile that could play the clarinet; a crocodile with LOTS of teeth that make her smile. Her crocodile could play the card game SNAP, dance in her ballet class, and even take her on a boating adventure.

The prose in this fast-paced, imaginative book is perfect for the k-3 age range. Children get a taste of the narrator’s imagination and even learn a thing or two — like the fact that crocodiles are carnivores that eat meat. The lively and colorful illustrations by Alex Barrow capture every emotion, like joy, wonder, adventure and wide-eyed love. Add this book to your “If I Had a…” series of books (see the links above for description). Or use it in your classroom for supplemental/independent reading. It can also be used in art class to inspire creativity.


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