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Apple Grumble

Author: Huw Lewis Jones
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Bad Apple is back and he’s bullying again!


Well what do you know… he’s baaaaack! Bad Apple has returned and he’s ready to rumble… or should that be “grumble?” Apple Grumble is the second in the Bad Apple series of books written by Huw Lewis Jones, and it’s enough to make any reader’s stomach grumble.

The book opens with Granny Smith (one of the oldest apples) trying to teach Bad Apple some manners. She scolds him about drinking Pea’s tea, stealing Cat’s hat, and doing other naughty things. She wants Bad Apple to behave, but he’s not having it. He has plans for all the apple cousins gathering at Granny Smith’s house: the golden apple cousins, the honeycrisp cousins, the gala cousins — and even Pineapple, who’s not an apple at all.

Once all those sweet, smiling apples have gathered, Bad Apple does what he does best; he wrecks havoc on his unsuspecting relatives. Somehow he has managed to wrangle up an apple pie crust and some delicious “apple crumble” to sprinkle on top, and before they know it, the other apples end up being the main desert of the day!

Bad Apple: Apple Grumble is a lively book about a lively family of apples that just don’t know to do about that one bad apple. The prose seems best for very young children just learning their manners and how to behave toward others. The illustrations of wide-eyed smiling (or frowning) apples washed with faded primary colors are enough to make any reader smile, even when they show Bad Apple doing something he oughtn’t.

Use this book to strengthen lessons on kindness, taking turns, manners and bullying. Enjoy

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