Do Penguins like the cold? Well… do they? That is the million-dollar question, and author and explorer Huw Lewis Jones offers the answer in his latest picture book, Do Penguins Like the Cold?

Mr. Jones opens the book with a nagging question: How in the world do penguins freeze all day and only eat fish for dinner? Then he explains that they do it because they love where they live and how they survive. He encourages readers to come along as he explores the Antarctica where penguins live, and prepares them by telling them what they’ll need to be able to survive: waterproof boots, snow goggles, a good hat, and a journal for drawing and writing. He then defines the word “penguin” (“white head” or pinguis, which means “fat”). Readers learn about the different types of penguins, what they eat, what they poop (pink poop, yellow poop, white poop and green poop), and how they use their flippers. They learn how penguins talk, how they keep cool near the equator, whether penguins really dance (remember the movie Happy Feet?), and whether penguins get lonely.

Do Penguins Like the Cold is an adorable little book full of frosty information that nature lovers are sure to enjoy. The prose is fast-paced, informative and lighthearted at the same time, and the illustrations are bold, lively, and kid-friendly enough to keep readers turning the pages until the very end.

Use this book in your science, environment, or conservation classes. It can also be used as supplemental or independent reading.

Enjoy… and stay warm!

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