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Party Pooper

Author: Huw Lewis Jones
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Bad apple is back… and he’s ready to wreck Granny Smith’s birthday party.


He’s baaaaack! Bad Apple has elbowed his way into yet another book in the “Bad Apple” series. This installment is called Bad Apple: Party Pooper and it is written by Huw Lewis Jones, and illustrated by Ben Sanders. To read reviews on the other books in the series, click on Bad Apple and Apple Grumble.

Anyway… it’s Granny Smith’s birthday and it’s time for a party! Everyone’s coming: Pineapple, Pea, Red Apple and Yellow Pear. Unfortunately, Bad Apple is coming too, and everyone knows how much he loves to wreck havoc on fun and festivities.

Bad Apple wraps up a wriggly black spider in a nice blue box as a present for Granny. He takes face painting to a new level when he splashes globs of paint all over the other apples, and he even plans to use poor Yellow Pear as a pinata. Bad apple… bad, bad, bad!
There has never been so much havoc as the havoc Bad Apple wrecks, until Pineapple finally stands up to him. What does Pineapple do? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Bad Apple: Party Pooper is adorable in many ways, from the bright primary colors artist Ben Sanders uses to the round-headed apples and slope-skulled pears prancing through the book. The prose is brief and age appropriate, and the illustrations make you want to smile. Of course, Bad Apples antics are always so cute and adorable; some of the things he plans are downright shocking. Thank goodness no one gets badly hurt before his shenanigans are completely shut down.

Use this book to open discussions about manners, bullying, and how to stand up to bullies. Enjoy!

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