This page is dedicated to all the future illustrators – whether child or adult – who dream of seeing their work in publication. Our very best wishes to you!

Hello! My name is YeongWoo Seong. My English name is Marie. I am from South Korea, and I live in Changwon Si, Masan Heoi Won Gu.

I am 16 years old, and I am interested in painting and playing instruments, such as violin and piano. I like listening to music like K-POP, POP and Classical. Also, I like reading books. My favorite American books are Rick Riordan’s books, the Percy Jackson series, the Kane Series, and the Lost Hero Series. Actually I am interested in science fiction. mystery and fantasy If you want to write me, you can CLICK HERE.


COMING SOON: A bio for an up-and-coming artist and all-around good-guy, AJay W. Picture Book Depot recently gave Ajay a brand new copy of My Beastly Book of Super Heroes, by Vincent Boudgourd, and Ajay was so inspired, he drew this villain – The Viper!

The book received 4 STARS from Picture Book Depot! Read the book review HERE!

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