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So Cute! Puppies

Author: Crispin Boyer
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All about what makes puppies so adorable!


National Geographic Kids has a new series of short books about the most adorable things. One of the warmest, fuzziest and milk-breath smelling-est books in the series is called So Cute Puppies.

In the book, readers learn all about the lives of tiny, fluffy puppies. First, readers learn that puppies are very rarely “only children”  but are usually born to litters with multiple siblings. Then they learn that puppies are born blind (their eyes do not open until they’re two weeks of age) and they do not even have teeth at birth. Imagine that!

But just as it does not take long for puppies to grow and stretch out in real life, this So Cute Puppies! book wastes no time discussing puppies and their pastimes after their eyes open. For instance, they spend lots of time playing with other puppies, and for the same reasons children play with other children: to make and keep friends. Puppy play includes chewing on each other’s ears, chasing each other’s tail, and growling at each other to get their point across.

This truly is one adorable book. The prose is super-brief and age-appropriate, and the book’s message (which is that puppies are simply the best!) is told half in prose and half in pictures. Readers see little puppies gazing dreamily at human’s face as their human talk baby talk to them. They learn that puppies bond best with those who care for them the most, and they learn that even the most adorable little puppy needs supervision to keep it out of trouble.

Use this toddler-sized book to introduce young children to the world of puppies (or pets in general). The book may be used in kindergarten or first grade, at the vet’s office, and even as a part of a child’s personal library. The book can also be used to inspire discussions on different types of pets, taking care of animals, and understanding the needs of very young dogs.


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