Monday, August 19, 2019


Illustration of a dog with a pilot's goggles on and a backpack

Experiment 256

A budding scientist named Ian builds a jet pack for his bulldog named Wilbur.
Illustration of a brown toad and a blue toad walking down a road.

Back Roads, Country Toads

Two froggy friends go fly fishing -- literally.
Illustration of ants in a jungle

1001 Ants

The only time you'll be glad to see so many ants all in one place!

This Book is Cute: The Soft and Squishy Science and Culture of Aww

The science and psychology of cuteness. How cute!
Illustration of young girl facing a humongous tiger she thinks is a cat.

Big Cat

When Grandma loses her glasses, she mistakes a BIG tiger for one of her little kitties.

Chip and Curly: The Great Potato Race

These two are definitely not couch potatoes!

One Red Sock

An adorable baby hippo is looking for her sock!
Illustration of a group of boy who are ready to be guided.

A Boy Like You

A sweet guide book to help young boys see their potential.

Digger and Daisy Go Camping

Everyone loves camping. The fresh air, the scenery, a night under the stars. But what...


All the things dolphins do underwater!

Bundle Up

A purple hippo dresses up for going out in the cold.

Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears

A daddy bear helps his little cub fall asleep.

Little Kids First BIG Book of Science

Helping children think like scientists -- and enjoy it!



Big Night for Salamanders

Evan and parents celebrate an evening they've been waiting for all year.

One Red Sock

An adorable baby hippo is looking for her sock!



Great Books Are Everywhere!



Hey, Baby! A Collection of Pictures, Poems, and Stories From Nature’s...

A mini-encyclopedia of adorable close-up photographs of nature's furry babies.

A Starlit Snowfall

MULTICULTURAL - Yes, #WeNeedDiverseBooks

President Obama: A Day in the Life of America’s Leader

Leads children and adults through a day in President Obama’s new life.

Seaside Dream

Young Cora struggles to think of an appropriate gift for her grandmother's 70th birthday.

Trombone Shorty

How a young African American boy taught himself to play the trombone and became known as "Trombone Shorty."

Monsoon Afternoon

Monsoon Afternoon is a quiet little book that celebrates an act of nature most people find utterly annoying—rain.

Wild Titles For Children!


Dr. E’s Super Stellar Solar System: Massive Mountains! Supersize Storms! Alien...

How space exploration has evolved since the first man walked on the moon in 1969.

ER & Pre-K

Invisible Lizard

New York Melody

Tiny, Perfect Things


My Family Four Floors Up

Hanukkah Hamster

Gr. 1-5