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Back Roads, Country Toads


Two froggy friends go fly fishing — literally.


Illustration of a brown toad and a blue toad walking down a road.

In the adorable new picture book by author Devin Scillian, called Back Roads, Country Toads, two wide-eyed, smiling toads are lounging in the drain pipe near Cooper’s General Store and sipping on the last of an abandoned Strawberry soda when they discover that some two-legged fishing buddies are about to go fly-fishing. Since Frogs are generally unable to resist a scrumptious fly fest, the two toads, Hank and Buckaroo, stow away on the fishing buddies’ truck so they can join in the fun. They can hardly wait to get to the lake and fish for flies…but they soon find out that words can sometimes have a double meaning.

This fun and festive book is classic Devin Scillian. It’s full of humor, friendship, and just enough adventure to leave young children starry-eyed and ready to go on the nature hunt for toady friends of their own. Illustrator Tim Bowers brings the two wart-colored toad adventures to life with bright colors, big smiles, and fly-filled adventures along the way. By the way, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to read Mr. Scillian’s other books, Memoirs of a Parrot, and Memoirs of a Goldfish. You’ll be glad you did!

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