Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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People love remembering the good old days and the way things were. At Picture Book Depot,we bring you the best old pictures and picture books to put you in that “yesterday” mood.




  1. You hung your wet clothes OUTSIDE on the clothes line?
  2. You played “Kick the Can” until you couldn’t kick anymore?
  3. You played “Not It”…but YOU were always “it?”
  4. You had to be home before the street lights came on?
  5. Penny candy actually cost a penny?
  6. You could buy loose cookies for a couple of pennies?
  7. You could buy a single “hot frank” instead of a whole package?
  8. Your brother cut the grass with a manual mower?
  9. Paper dolls and their wardrobe were “the bomb!”
  10. You played “Around the World” at the basketball rim in your neighbor’s backyard?
  11. Being rebellious was sneaking and eating yet another candy bar when your Mom told you not to?

WE REMEMBER! And we’re using this page to help you remember, too. So just sit back, relax, and go back, back, back to those beautiful days.

Best wishes,

Rita Lorraine

Welcome to Yesterday

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Here we go again. Will the Grinch finally manage to steal Christmas???

Make a Change

A young boy learns you have to make a move to make a change.

Rettie and the Ragamuffin Parade: A Thanksgiving Story

A young girl whose mother is gravely ill must try to earn enough money to make it to the Ragamuffin's Parade.

Paper Monsters: Make Monster Collages!

Make your own monsters!

Murphy’s Ticket: The Goofy Start and Glorious End of the Chicago Cubs Billy Goat Curse

When a goat is barred from a baseball game, he puts a curse on the Chicago Cubs.

Piece by Piece

Never let anyone tell you that what you've created isn't good enough!

The Happy Prince

A statue of a prince who once lives tries to right some wrongs in life.

Out of School and Into Nature: The Anna Comstock Story

A young girl's love of nature changes the course of education!

Little Red Rolls Away

A sweet little barn relocates to a new home.

A Symphony of Cowbells

A young farm girl must find the bell that inspires one of the family's dairy cows.