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1001 Fish

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Fish, fish, and more fish! Read all about it here!


The only thing better than 1001 squirming fish is, possibly, a fish fry… but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about fish, fish, fish… and what their lives are like deep down in the ocean blue. 1001 Fish, by critically praised author and illustrator Joanna Rzezak is a bright, colorful, vibrant book about the fishy life of fish in the sea.

The book opens to sunrise in the sea, when 1001 little sardines awake from their sleep and swim off to explore. The sardines see much wildlife on their journey, including hermit crabs, mussels, and mackerels. They guide readers past the creepy spider crab that walks along the sea bed on ten long legs, and the swordfish and bluefin tuna, which could swallow them with little effort if they weren’t in such a big school

The book explores sea dangers and air dangers alike, like pelicans and blue-footed boobies that swoop down and snatch unsuspecting little fish that had been minding their own fishy business. Reader learn about giant turtles, sea horses, starfish, clown fish (Hi, Nemo!) and even humpback whales.

This book is a delight, and is busy from the end page with the overwhelmed octopus trying to embrace too many flittery fish to the final illustration of the deep, dark ocean where the light does not penetrate. The prose is fast-paced, exciting and age-appropriate, and the illustrations are memorable long after the reader reaches the very last page. Use this book in your science, supplementary reading or environment classes, or as a class guide when you decide to add an aquarium to your classroom. Enjoy!


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