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Time for Kids: That’s Awesome

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This book is chocked full of the most awesome facts ever!


Ready to get your “awesome” on? Be sure to grab your own copy of Time for Kids That’s Awesome! The World’s Most Amazing Facts and Records, the moment it makes its debut in October, 2010.

This latest installment from the editors of Time for Kids is one of their most ambitious…and their most awesome, to say the least.

That’s Awesome is chocked full of the most awesome facts ever, offering readers tidbits of the world’s most awesome information in a totally awesome format. Some examples are: Awesome sizes, like the tiniest snakes, the tallest buildings and the largest Ferris Wheels (The Singapore Flyer, which takes an awesome 30 minutes to go around once!); Awesome technology, such as spinach-powered batteries, a personal mobility device that looks like you’re sitting on a Figure 8, and an awesome steam-powered car that looks a lot like an airplane.

But the book doesn’t stop there. There are awesome price tags (like the $30,000 dog house); awesome jobs (like the Elephant Toenail Clipper)…even awesome eats (like yummy fried grasshoppers, or a bowlful of Bird’s Nest soup).

Now, how awesome is that???

This book has it all; an awesome shiny-red hardcover, awesome eye-popping color photographs, awesome subject matter, and best of all, totally awesome attention to details. The total package is, for lack of a better word, awesome.

This gift-giving season, turn your mind to awesome things. Consider making this book the most awesome gift you’ve ever given to that awesome member of your family who loves to learn. Give Time for Kids, That’s Awesome!

Best wishes and happy awesome reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot

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