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Time for Kids – Big Book of How

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This book has mind-boggling knowledge, mind-blowing attention to details, and downright cool subject matter.


There are, granted, lots of things to know in this world, but where do we begin, and how do we navigate this never-ending quest for knowledge? I say we should begin at the beginning. I say we should start with the Big Book of How by Time for Kids.

The Big Book of How is another wonderful publication from the editors of Time for Kids. Like That’s Awesome, its fraternal twin, The Big Book of How offers readers tidbits of some of the world’s most vital, most interesting and most unexpected knowledge. For instance, you’ll learn how to stay safe in a tornado or a hurricane, vital pieces of information for all Americans after the recent outbreak of deadly tornadoes raging across the United States! You’ll also learn things like how a spider makes its web, how a bridge was built over the Colorado river, and how in the world you manage to stay upright when you’re surfing on a surfboard.

But the Big Book of How doesn’t stop there. Readers learn seemingly random stuff that isn’t random at all, like how to make a 3-day survival kit, how to do skateboard tricks like the Ollie and the Butter, and–if you’re a baseball fan–how to find the sweet spot in a bat.

Like its siblings in the Times for Kids family of books, this book has it all; mind-boggling knowledge, mind-blowing attention to details, spectacular photographs and downright cool subject matter.

You’ve sampled some totally awesome things in That’s Awesome; now sample some good-to-know, super-cool stuff in the Big Book of How. Add this sturdy hardcover book to your growing collection of Time for Kids books. You won’t be sorry!

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot

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