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Birds: Little Kids First Board Book

Author: Ruth Musgrave
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All about beautiful birds!


There’s a new book in town. Written by Ruth Musgrave, it is called Little Kids First Board Book: Birds, and it is a feast for the eyes. Designed to be “the stepping stone to the best-selling National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, this Bird board book is just right for pre-k through 1. Its small size and thick, sturdy pages makes it easy to handle, and its vibrant illustrations and vocabulary-appropriate prose make it easy to process.

From the very first page turn, young bird watchers learn about every sort of bird from cardinal to toucan. They examine birds that flap their wings to fly, and those that flap their wings to swim (penguins). They witness birds using their beaks to grab their food and birds that drink nectar with their long, thin beaks (hummingbird). The book is full of examples of how birds take baths, how birds feed their hungry babies, and even how some birds cuddle with their mothers.

If ever there was a book that teaches love and respect for birds in their natural environment, this is the one. Young children can smile at birds that “chirp, squeak, quack and sing,” and marvel at round-eyed owls just dying to know whoooo you are. This one is great for early readers, or as supplemental learning.

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