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If I Had an Octopus

Author: Gabby Dawnay
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A young girl fantasizes about having an octopus for a pet.


There is nothing more adorable than a child’s imagination, and that is certainly evident in author Gabby Dawnay’s new picture book, If I Had an Octopus.

In the book, a fun-loving coffee-skinned girl ponders the perfect watery pet. After considering — and quickly dismissing — the claw-handed crab, the toothy shark and the wobbly jellyfish, she settles on the charming and versatile octopus. Her imagination takes off as she dreams up amazing scenarios, like playing football, crochet, tennis and basketball with her eight-armed friend AT THE SAME TIME! She imagines other fun activities too, like puttering around in the kitchen with her nimble-armed friend, painting multiple pictures with multiple talented arms.

This delightful little book is chock-full of fun, from the octopus’ masterful paintings to its all-drums musical afternoon. Best of all, while k-4 readers enjoy artist Alex Barrow’s hilarious illustrations, they read interesting facts about the octopus: like how it has no bones and can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps, and how if you frighten it, you might just get a face-full of ink.

Use this adorable book for supplemental reading, during a free-time art class, or when your class is enjoying a lesson on ocean creatures, pets and wildlife. Enjoy

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