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If I Had a Kangaroo

Author: Gabby Dawnay
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So, what would you do with a kangaroo? Here are some hilarious suggestions!


What kind of zany, hopping-ly hilarious things would you do if you had a kangaroo? In the new creative picture book, If I Had a Kangaroo, by Gabby Dawnay, an imaginative little girl offers all sorts of suggestions of what to do with the overactive marsupial.

The book opens with an adorable little coffee-colored MC explaining that if she had her choice in pets, she would by-pass bats, snakes, wombats… even furry koala bears, for something with a bit more spring: a kangaroo! From there she imagines riding in her pet’s pouch like a little joey, or sharing a trampoline with it, or even relaxing while it mows her lawn. The feisty kangaroo pulls all sorts of amazing stunts, like trying on new shoes at the shoe store, catching a baseball in her pouch, even delivering mail to the neighbors. From there, the little girl’s imagination soars to all the wonderful places she and her pet kangaroo could visit… if she only had a kangaroo in the first place!

This lovely, hyperactive little book is illustrated by Alex Barrow, who uses soft earth tones of lush green, clay brown and pale blue to capture the mood. Every illustration captures joyous expressions of surprise, determination, and downright fun. Ms. Dawnay’s prose is loads of fun. Not only does it rhyme, which is always fun, but the cadence is right on the mark! The sentences are age appropriate, the story line is logical and exciting, and young readers will learn a thing or two about kangaroos in the process.

Use this book to entice young animal lovers to try their hand at independent reading. Also use as a springboard for discussions about imagination, animals of the wild, and how animals and humans interact. Enjoy!

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