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The Secret Life of Whales

Author: Rena Ortega
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Everything you could ever want to know about whales!


For all those whale-loving picture book readers who adore big creatures, The Secret Life of Whales is the book for you.

Penned by illustrator, designer and world explorer Rena Ortega, this oversized beauty offers eager-eyed readers everything you can imagine about whales and their world. Beginning with “whale evolution”, readers learn how whales began as hoofed meat-eating animals that walked on the earth and eventually evolved into deep sea dwellers of humongous proportions. The author distinguishes between baleen whales (whales with two blowholes) and toothed whales like the beluga and the sperm whale. Readers also learn about whales’ migration routes, WHY whales migrate in the first place, and other whale-y things, like size comparisons, behavior, and how in the world whales sleep.

Ms. Ortega’s lovely illustrations are all thoughtfully rendered in exquisite detail against a recurring theme of ocean blue. Because the book is oversized, the large and spacious pages give readers a sense of just how big this beautiful mammal really is. This book is as lovely as it is thorough, with sections on dive sequences, whale families and societies, and how whales feed. There is even information on whales in danger, the whaling industry, and good old fashion whale watching. Enjoy!

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