If you are a fan of the “1001” series of books by Joanna Rzezak, you’ll love 1001 Birds.

This bright, colorful, over-sized book opens up with a flurry of feathers and a promise that young readers will NEVER be bored with its content. Readers learn about common cranes fishing for snails, mallards spending time on the water, and swallows that snack on delicious mosquitoes in the wetlands. There is information on blackbirds, crows and owls; storks, geese, and every other winged fowl you can name.

But readers don’t just learn about birds; they learn about trees that make excellent homes for birds, and barns, stables and farms that also double as cozy homes. They learn about bird migration — including which bird holds the record for the longest no-stop flight while migrating. There are also tidbits of curious facts, like which bird flies the highest, how birds fly (gliding or flapping), and just how high up the eagle makes its nest.

This is a lively and fast-paced book with adorable illustrations that capture all sorts of birds and their offspring. The prose is offered in short paragraphs that make the information more easily digestible. Enjoy this book in the science or environment classroom, as part of a comprehensive reading program, or as a welcome addition to your child’s private library. It can also be used in the art classroom to inspire freestyle sketching.

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