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The 13 Days of Halloween

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This is a clever book for those who love Halloween and creepy fun.


Halloween is coming, and it’s time to turn your mind to all things creepy. The 13 Days of Halloween, by Carol Greene, is by far the best book (and the creepiest) to get you in the proper mood for Halloween fun.

In The 13 Days of Halloween, a not-so-good-looking ghoul gives 13 creeped-out gifts to his friend for Halloween. The gifts range from cooked worms to giggling ghosts to haywire bats. He even offers the Bride of Frankenstein–I mean, his friend–a dead vulture, and all the gross gifts are presented in the purple haze of a graveyard setting under the light of a creepy moon.

This is a clever book for those who love Halloween and creepy fun. The ghouls and their gifts are expertly illustrated by artist Tim Raglin, and the story is presented in clever and silly rhyme that should be read (or chanted) to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas.

Parents who like to make a big production out of preparing for Halloween will love sitting around the fire place and reading this book to their wide-eyed children. However, I must warn parents that, cute or not, this book’s gruesome content may not be appropriate for the very young.

That being said…ENJOY. This one is sure to become an annual Halloween favorite.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
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