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Horrid Henry’s StinkBomb

Author: Francesca Simon
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Mischievous Henry tries to win a school book-reading contest without actually reading any books. Ha!


Looking for a great middle grade “boy” book? Pick up a copy of Horrid Henry’s StinkBomb, by Francesca Simon, and you’ll have a laugh-out-loud “boy” book that dishes up enough trouble to keep readers laughing for days.

First, mischievous Henry tries to win a school book-reading contest without actually reading any books. He conjurs up a fake list of books, then tries to convince his teacher that he has been “reading up a storm.” His list includes ridiculous titles like, A Boy and His Pig; A Pig and His Boy; A Boyish Pig, and A Piggish Boy. How’s that for funny?

Next, Henry uses some stinky–and I do mean STINKY–concoctions from his Stinky StinkBomb Kit to bomb Moody Margaret’s secret club house. In no time, Henry has her club house smelling like dog poo, rotten eggs, dead fish and sewer stench. YUCK!

At school, Henry “borrows” some supplies from the other students’ finished art projects while they are out playing. When they return, Henry tries to look innocent, even though their projects have collapsed all over the place.

Later, Henry goes to a sleepover at a new boy’s house. This is because only a new boy would invite Henry to his house. Henry plans to make noises, raid the refrigerator, jump on the beds and cause all sorts of trouble, but it turns out that Henry’s hosts are even rowdier than Henry is. Suddenly, all Henry wants is to go home and get a good night’s sleep.

Horrid Henry books are wonderful middle grade books that are always full of fun. From Henry’s funny antics to artist Tony Ross’ hilarious drawings, this next installment in the Henry legacy will have you laughing out loud and wanting to read more.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Rita Lorraine
Picture Book Depot

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