Dinosaurs may have disappeared from the earth 66 million years ago, but they are still a fan favorite. And National Geographic Kids newest book, So Cool Dinosaurs is proof of this. Here’s the link:

This little toddler-sized book about all things dinosaur lays out all the reasons dinosaurs are so fascinating. Some were as big as buildings, some were covered in armor and spikes, and some ran as fast as 25 miles per hour and ate the dinosaurs they caught up with. These lived up to the name “dinosaur,” which meant “terrible lizard. But thankfully, not all dino’s were scary. Some were downright adorable, and were fat, fluffy, plant-eating creatures. Some even had feathers!

This adorable and exciting book tells all about dinosaurs: how they came in all shapes and sizes, how they hatched from eggs like most reptiles, and how some dinosaurs even sat on their eggs like chickens! If you have a dinosaur enthusiast in your home, this is the book to add to your child’s personal library. The vocabulary is exciting, the pace is almost as fast as a Tyrannosaurus Rex at a full run, and the illustrations are enough to fire any child’s imagination.

Use this book in the elementary science classroom, during free time in art class, or as part of your supplemental reading program!

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