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A Very Big Bunny

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Amelia’s size makes her stand out from the rest of the bunnies at school.


A Very Big Bunny, by Marisabina Russo, is a very big book about a very sweet friendship. It is the story of Amelia the bunny, whose size makes her stand out from the rest of the bunnies at school.

Like all good parents, Amelia’s mother and father tell her size doesn’t matter…but of course it does. None of the other bunnies will play hopscotch with her, turn the jump-rope for her, or play on the see-saw for fear of being propelled through the air. Poor Amelia spends most of her time alone, thinking up things to keep herself occupied.

Then one day new bunny Susannah shows up. Susannah is so teeny, the other bunnies refuse to play with her. But Susannah has big ideas, and doesn’t let that stop her. Everyday, Susannah goes over to lonely Amelia and talks to her. Amelia is cool toward Susannah at first, but she eventually warms up, and they become the best bunny-friends you ever saw.

A Very Big Bunny is a heart-warming story of just what it’s like to be so different from everyone else that you’re not quite accepted by the crowd. The sentences are brief, which is perfect for early readers and independent readers in the early elementary grades. The voice is authentic, and the illustrations are bright, bold and just cute enough to make you wish you could give Amelia and Susannah a great big bunny hug.

For a great starter-book that teaches differences, tolerance, and the need to be accepted, pick up a copy of A Very Big Bunny. Just click on the icon on the right.

Best wishes and happy bunny-hopping–I mean, reading.

Rita Lorraine
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