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The Big Book of Belonging

Author: Yuval Zommer
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All of the ways people, animals, fish, birds, plants and other living things experience “belonging.”


We all want to belong somewhere, right? So what better way to understand “belonging” than to read author-illustrator Yuval Zommer’s newest picture book, The Big Book of Belonging.

The Big Book of Belonging celebrates the many connections between humans and the world around them. It opens by examining “who” we share this planet with; namely, fish, birds, reptiles, mammals that give birth to live young like humans, and animals that don’t have a backbone. It explains how everything in nature (like snowflakes, spotted animals, human fingerprints, and even cowrie shells) is unique, how various living things make a home (birds make nests, crabs have shells, mice live in grass, and humans live in houses), and also how each living thing communicates (birds sing, people talk, monkeys screech), and so on.

There are delightful sections on how water impacts living things, how some living things can survive without water for long periods (like cacti and camels), and how animals, plants and humans form families and function within them.

This adorable book has vibrant illustrations of humans and animals interacting in nature. Mr. Zommer uses earth tones of brown, green, burnt orange and blue to paint a serene picture of nature at its finest. The prose is fast-paced and interesting enough to keep children and adults turning pages until the end.

Use this book to learn about teamwork among humans, animals, insects and the like; how the changing seasons affect various living things, and how animals, fish, humans and insects sleep. This one is a winner!

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