Who would think a book about something as quiet and stationary as a tree would be exciting? But it is! Pop-Up Forest, by Fleur Daugey, is just such a book. This oversized pop-up book pins the reader to her seat the moment she lays eyes on the book.

The tall cover brimming with brown tree trunks, lush green leaves and baby-blue skies, promises the reader a grand adventure. Then the first spread opens up to a dense, multi-colored forest of trees that “pops up” and stretches toward the sky with prde. These trees are enjoyed by dog walkers, soccer players, picnic lovers, and even frolicking deer. And this is not the only pop-up. A spread or so later, there is a quite majestic pop-up of unpronouncable Yggdrasil, a legendary tree of Norse mythology. Later comes a lovely pop-up that displays how animals like monkeys, birds, butterflies and even bats live in trees.

The magical thing about this book is the fact that it’s not only the pop-ups that mesmerize the reader. The prose is equally as powerful. Author Fleur Daugey bewitches readers with details about how trees live; how they breathe, eat, reproduce and rest without moving a muscle (basically because they don’t have muscles!) and yet they’re a lot like humans. Ms. Daugey explains how they get their water, how their leaves are like solar panels, and how a forest is a lot like a human family with its toddlers, teenagers, adults and elders. She even teaches that though trees compete with each other (like children in human families compete) they also help each other. There are sections on people who live in trees (the Korowai), how the Amazon Rain Forest is like the Earth’s green lung, and how the forest’s root system if similar to the internet. There is also a handy bibliography at the end.

Use this book in your early elementary science or environmental classes, or to learn what it would be like to work in a forest. Enjoy!


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