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Little Turtle’s Book of the Blue

Author: Yuval Zommer
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Little Turtle goes on an adventure in the deep blue sea.


If you love turtles and other creatures that swim in the sea, you’ll love Little Turtle’s Book of the Blue, by Yuval Zommer.

In the book, adventurous little turtle is ready to go walk-about — or maybe that should be swim-about. He leaves the calm sameness of the shore and drifts through the ocean to see what he can see. He encounters crabs that wave and tap their claws on rocks; sharks that dart through the water, snapping all the way; and flying fish that burst out of the water and glide through the air like any bird might do.

He swims to the coral reef and sees lovely fish of green, orange, and black and white. He even encounters penguins on a mission to find their dinner.

This is a lovely little book, as quiet and sublime as it is lively. The prose is lively, and the sentences are brief enough for young readers just learning to read on their own. But even if the readers are so young that they cannot actually read, the vibrant and colorful illustrations of sea animals and the lovely world they reside in are instructive enough to help children figure out what is going on in the pages.

This book is perfect for pre-k through first grade classrooms. It’s also an inspiration for art classes, and it’s even great for home libraries, especially homes with fish-filled aquariums. Enjoy!

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