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Little Snail’s Book of Bugs

Author: Yuval Zommer
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On his way to lunch, Little Snail encounters a montage of amazing bugs.


You may not know this… but snails go adventures. That’s right, they do. And author Yuval Zommer’s newest board book, Little Snail’s Book of Bugs, proves just that.

In the book, Little Snail the Explorer leaves friends, flower pots and gardening tools and goes on an adventure. He watches ladybugs fluttering, hears honey bees buzzing, and spies flies making a feast out of someone’s picnic. He stands at attentions as ants march, hides with many-legged centipedes when it gets dark, and even sings with the crickets as they hop through the grass.

This is another of author Yuval Zommer’s signature books on nature, and like it’s counterparts, it is as lively in spirit as it is quiet in tone. The prose is even-paced and perfect for young readers/listeners. But it is exciting too, and keeps readers turning the pages. The illustrations are done up in lush, vibrant earth and spring colors. And the nature walk through this book is to live for… even the part where Little Snail runs into a bunch of spiders spinning their sticky webs.

Use this book just before a nature walk, or as a supplemental read in the classroom. Enjoy!

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