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I Love You, Blankie

A baby who should be sleeping imagines all sorts of adventures with his blankie.



There is something irresistible – and irreplaceable – about a good old fashioned “blankie,” and readers can feel it in author Sheryl Haft’s latest board book called I Love You, Blankie.

In the book, a rambunctious little toddler who should be preparing for sleep leaps off of his bed and romps across the pages with his beloved blankie.

He imagines himself flying up and away with his blankie, sailing the blue-green seas with his blankie, and even frolicing on the top of a whale’s spouting fountain with his blankie. He even uses his blankie like a balloon, a cloud, and even bunny ears as he moves from one adventure to the next.

Ms. Haft uses short, sweet, age-appropriate prose to encourage very young children to cherish adventure and imagination just as much as they do their snuggly blankies. Artist Jane Massey uses wide-eyed, cuddly images like babies clutching their blankies as their teddy bears gaze adoringly into their little faces to reinforce the natural friendship and stability that can be found in a faithful security blanket. And all of this pre-kindergarten goodness is sprinkled throughout with deep and rich primary and secondary colors to captivate and amuse these future readers.

This book is perfect for lap time before nap time or wind down before bed time. It is also highly recommended for daycares, kindergartens, and pre-school classes when naptime rolls around.

Best wishes and happy naptime,
Rita Lorraine


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