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Do You Want a Hug?

Author: Olivia Cosneau
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An adorable little pop-up book about animals and how they hug.


How do animals hug each other? Author Olivia Cosneau’s newest board book, Do You Want a Hug? tells you exactly how.

Gibbons cuddle, and if you want to see how they do it, you pull the tab to watch them smile as they hunker next to each other. Penguins snuggle in the snow, wolf cubs squirm and take turns frolicking with mom, and giraffes rub their speckled heads together.

The book goes on to show meerkats nuzzling together, fish kissing, and even snooty kittens purring as they consider whether they’re ready for a hug or not. This adorable little book is written with spare but sweet words that are appropriate for ages pre-k-1. Artist Bernard Duisit’s illustrations of furry, smiling creatures are set against warm and vibrant colors of nature and he has endowed each page with a trusty tab that, when pulled, moves these loving creatures into action.

Use this quiet book for lap time, nap time, or as “exploration” time when your child bonds with his/her book. Enjoy!

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