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About Rodents: A Guide for Children

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This book explains everything about fuzzy little rodents you could ever wonder about.


Love rodents? Know someone who does? If so, this book is the place to be–I mean, read.

About Rodents: a Guide for Children, by Cathryn Sill and John Sill, is just full of rodents. It is also one of a series of nonfiction illustrated guides by this successful husband-and-wife team, who make it their business to educate and entertain our young.

About Rodents uses Cathryn Sills’ simple, easy-to-understand sentences and John Sills’ eye-catching illustrations to explain everything about fuzzy little rodents you could ever wonder about: What they are, how they look, where they live. It even explores what they eat…and what eats them.

This is a wonderful next installment in the acclaimed About… series of books. If you want to feed your little one’s curious mind about the cuddly creatures of the rodent world, be sure to add this warm, fuzzy book to your child’s library.

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