If you or your little one is a Margaret Wise Brown fan (Goodnight Moon), you will probably enjoy 5-Minute Stories, a compilation of picture book tales by the late Ms. Brown.

There are old-time favorites designed to put your little wide-eyed son or daughter to sleep. There is Count to 10 With a Mouse, a counting book that is guaranteed to keep children in stitches; Wish Upon a Dream, in which bunnies, squirrels, horses — and yes, children — are all coaxed to go beddy bye; and Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears, in which a big sleepy bear helps a little sleepy bear unwind and go to sleep.

These sleepy-time books are all old stories. Ms. Brown passed away in 1952. Still, the stories have held up, and are quaint and well illustrated, and are perfect for lap time. One curiosity is that there is no information about the author: no foreword, no back matter, not even a blurb on a jacket flap. Avid readers often like to see a photo and bio of the writer they’re reading to know what she looks like, where she lives, and her likes and interests. In this case, the absence of information makes the book seem a bit barren.

Other than this one quibble, this book and its stories about bears and mice and angels should enchant very young children and keep them smiling until the end. They will fall in love with pink-nosed mice, wide-eyed mole, fields of colorful flowers and blankets of pristine snow.



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