We live in a day and time where we hear stories about the White House all day long, every day of the week. That’s why National Geographic Kids’ 1000 Facts About the White House is the perfect book for Americans of all ages.

Written by Sarah Wassner Flynn, this is a book that takes all the amazing facts associated with the White House and breaks them down into convenient lists for your consideration. There are facts about WHO named the building the White House (Theodore Roosevelt), how much property it has (18 acres), and which of its rooms are the largest and smallest (read the book to find out!).

Readers learn who designated the China Room (First Lady Edith Wilson), who hung her undies in the East Room (First Lady Abigail Adams), and the number of people who work in the White House residence (100!).

White House lovers, history buffs, and the merely curious can learn all sorts of trivia — including the fact that state dinners cost around $500,000; President Herbert Hoover’s son had a pet alligator that crawled around the White House grounds; and first daughter Amy carter received a chainsaw for Christmas in 1977. There are lists of weird facts about presidents; facts about spooky things that happened in the White House; and…well, you name it and it’s in this delightful book.

This book is brimming with amazing, interesting and downright overwhelming facts. The lighthearted prose keeps eager readers turning pages, and the plethora of snapshots and photos are sure to keep readers interested until the very last page.

Use this book in social studies, history, and citizenship classes, or simply as a supplemental text for silent reading. Enjoy!


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