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100 Things To Be When You Grow Up

A stunning little book with a myriad of jobs and occupations that range from golf ball diver to rodeo clown.


Almost every child will, at one time or another, be encouraged to become a doctor or lawyer when he or she grows up. While these are indeed noble professions, parents should remember that there are more career paths out there that children need to know about. The sleek new picture book called 100 Things to Be When You Grow Up, by Lisa M. Gerry, is the perfect tool for learning all about them.

Ms. Gerry reminds children, teens and young adults that “the world is full of possibilities, mysteries, and opportunities…[and that] it’s YOUR job to start thinking about what interests you.” With this preamble in mind, Ms. Gerry presents a plethora of unique careers to readers like pulling rabbits out of a hat.

The book opens with more commonplace careers, like ice cream flavor developer, mushroom forager and beekeeper. But it quickly forges ahead into more obscure professions: golf ball diver, who dives in dirty lakes to retrieve hundreds of balls for re-sale; professional pushers, whose job is to push train and subway passengers into packed cars during rush hour; snake milkers, who harvest snake venom that can be used to make antivenin to save lives; and even iceberg trackers, whose job is to identify, report and track icebergs.

Children can explore everything from becoming a pet food taster to historical reenactor to CIA Analyst to Cranberry farmer. There is information on hurricane hunters, ice sculptors, amusement park actor, and even the holy grail: brain surgeon.

This is a National Geographic book, so readers can expect top-quality photos and images and amazing attention to detail as they learn how to pursue a career as a recipe tester, voice-over artist, adventure guide, dog groomer or even a rodeo clown. Ms. Gerry’s prose is age-appropriate, educational, and just cute enough to bring a smile.

Use this book as a jumping off point for discussions about careers, adventures, and alternate ways to use gifts and talents. Great for elementary and middle school libraries, or as an addition to your child’s personal library.


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