Free Books For Your Baby

Hello Picture Book Lovers!

As you probably noticed by our ever-changing Navigation Bar, we are now offering book giveaways. This is our very first.


The generous publishers at Little Brown Books for Young Readers is giving away three–count them, THREE–sets of the two books below. All you need to do is leave a comment on this page telling what you like about the covers, and why you think these two books will be great for your child.

The Picture Book Depot Editors reserve the right to choose winners, based on their comments.


Good luck!


  1. I love all the different colors on the covers. Also the look very cute and friendly.

    1. Good Morning Elizabeth,
      Thanks for stopping by The Depot. If you think the colors are beautiful, just wait until you see the inside. Please check your in-box later today for details on how these books will be mailed to you and your baby.

      Have a great day!

      Rita Lorraine

  2. I have an energetic, inquisitive two year and I am enjoying the world of reading to him and watching him learn new things. The books are colorful and appear to be great teaching tools! Thank you for considering me for the books.

    1. Hello There Anthony,
      Thanks so much for visiting Picture Book Depot. Your two-year old will absolutely love these books. Check your inbox for further details.

      Rita Lorraine

  3. Hello I would love for my granddaughter to have these books. She enjoys book and loves for me to read to her. They are very colorful books, and very eye catching!

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      Thanks for stopping by. You’re in luck! The publisher is giving away three sets of these two adorable books, and you’re the third winner. I’m sure both you and your granddaughter will enjoy these books.

      Have a great week,
      Rita Lorraine

  4. Hello Everybody!
    Thanks so much for stopping by The Depot and leaving your comments. I’ve sent your addresses to the publisher, and I’ve been informed that the books are going out ASAP. Enjoy!

    In the meantime, I still have one set of the books, and I’m more than happy to give these away to a deserving child or a pre-school or kindergarten teacher in need of new books. If you’d like to have them, be sure to leave a comment on this site.

    Depending upon where you live, there may be a shipping charge.

    Best wishes,
    Rita Lorraine

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