A Bevy of Picture Book Workshops!

Hello Picture Book Lovers,
Here’s some wonderful picture book information that will be hard to resist. Read on and prepare to drool!

That’s right…get ready for a bevy of picture book seminars, sponsored by the Highlights Foundation. Here are just a few:

From Prose to Pictures to Published: The Process of Writing a Picture Book
September 6-September 9, 2012

Workshop Leaders: Candace Fleming, Rebecca Kai Dotlich
Special Guests: Eric Rohmann, Melanie Hall

The Power of a Picture Book
September 9-September 12, 2012

Workshop Leader: Deborah Underwood
Special Guests: Kate O’Sullivan, Steve Metzger

Writing for Little Eyes and Little Ears
Read-Alouds for Early Learners
September 9-September 13, 2012

Workshop Leader: Barbara Jean Hicks
Special Guests: Suzanne Bloom, Steve Metzger

The Brilliant Dummy
Creating a Picture-Book Dummy for Submission
November 8-November 11, 2012

Workshop Leaders: Lindsay Barrett George, Judy Schachner

For more details, click the following link and go to the Highlights Foundation website:


Best wishes and happy writing,
Rita Lorraine

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