Weird But True: 300 Fin-Tastic Facts From The Deep Blue Sea


A day at the ocean sounds good, but a day in the ocean where all the wonderful sea creatures live sounds even better, right? You can have that with one of National Geographic Kids’ latest installments, called Weird But True Ocean: 300 Fin-tastic Facts From the Deep Blue Sea.

This colorful, soft-cover book opens with eye-popping images (like only Nat Geo can offer) and fun facts to make you think. Children learn things like the thickness of a whale shark’s skin (four inches!) and the width of its mouth (wide enough for a kid to fit inside!). There are random facts, like the donut shape of an octopus’s brain, the net of bubbles humpback whales make to herd fish, and the fact that Sunflower sea stars begin life with five arms but can grow up to twenty-four. There are entries on flying fish, parasite-eating skunk shrimp, and orcas that throw themselves on land to catch sea lions.

These amazing facts are not limited to sea life. Other facts are submitted for young oceanographers’ consideration, like how a large iceberg could provide water to Dallas, Texas for five years; how goats, pigs, dogs, cats and alpacas have all learned to surf; and how there is enough salt in the ocean to bury the continents 500 feet deep.

If you and your child love random facts, this is the book to read. The vocabulary is appropriate for middle grades (ages 8-12), and the facts are random enough to keep turning those pages. Use this book in any science or environmental class, or as supplemental reading for independent readers.


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