Pop-Up Moon


If you loved author Anne Jankeliowitch’s pop-up book called Pop-Up Earth, you’re going to love Pop-up Moon! Like its fraternal twin, Pop-Up Moon is an amazingly intricate pop-up book that brings the moon and all its mystery right to your very fingertips.

Even before the first page the end page displays the many phases of the moon. The first pop-up is a bold display of color and darkness as the author explains where the moon came from, what moon rocks are, and all the theories of how the moon was formed. Did you know that the moon is 384,000 km (238,606.54 miles) from the Earth? Well, it is, and we can thank Ms. Jankeliiowitch for that information. There is a huge, sun-kissed pop-up that demonstrates how the sun affects the moon’s changing face, there is a pop-up that demonstrates how the moon orbits the Earth, and there is an eye-popping pop-up of an astronaut waving to the reader as the reader learns about space exploration.

This over-sized book has it all: color, darkness, kisses from the sun… and even a section on how the moon affects people, places and things. The vocabulary is great for Grades 3-5, though the early elementary ages should be able to enjoy it as well. Use it for supplemental reading or for hands-on demonstrations about the moon and all its moon-eyed mysteries. Enjoy!


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