Pop-Up Earth


Perhaps the only thing better than living on Earth is being able to hold it in your hand. And you can do that with author Anne Jankeliowitch’s new over-sized pop-up book, Pop-Earth. This clever, amazing, intricately engineered book is more than just paper-doll-like cut-outs that spring up when you open the page. It is a stunning replica of the inner and outer workings of planet Earth, and it is something to behold!

The very first page opens to a pop-up demonstration of the three layers of Earth (crust, mantle and core). This curiosity is flanked by descriptions of how Earth was born, when it was born (5 billion years ago — can you believe it?), and how its protective shield of gases and oxygen keeps humans safe and alive. The very next pop-up demonstrates plant and animal life above and below the water, and the next is a fiery pop-up that replicates an angry volcano spewing its fire and smoke into the heavens above.

Did you know that some of our water came from comets that crashed into the Earth’s surface? It’s true, and readers learn this and more in the section called “The Story of Water.” Readers also learn how our planet is quite generous to us by providing us fish, forests, minerals, water, sunshine and more. But the book is not all about what the Earth gives us, but what our responsibility should be toward the earth — such as making a conscious effort not to deplete our natural resources or create more waste than our lovely planet can absorb.

This fast-paced book is a font of information. The vocabulary seems more appropriate for Grades 3-5, however, very young children can enjoy the pop-up displays even if the font in the book is a bit small for their little eyes. Use this book as an introduction to Earth Science, or as a jumping off point for classroom discussions about space, the world, and planet citizenship.

FYI – This book has a fraternal twin called Pop-up Moon. Don’t miss it. Enjoy!


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