Home Alone


Who truly knows what dogs do when they are home alone? In author Barbara Nascimbeni’s newest picture book, Home Alone, a scruffy little yellow dogs tells readers precisely what goes on in his home while his owner is away.

The book opens with the mistress of the house telling her beloved puppy, Frido, to be good and not to worry because the day will pass quickly. A typical comment by a human, who believes that all her pet does while she is gone is while away the hours waiting for her to return. But if this is true of most pets, it’s simply not true for Frido. The moment mommy leaves, he is off on a joyride on her scooter, he jumps on her warm and soft bed until he wears himself out, then he makes a quick visit to the fridge to see what will make a good sandwich.

Later, he watches a little TV, uses mommy’s laptop to invite a couple of doggy friends over for play time, and even orders a pizza with sausage to eat when mommy returns home.

This adorably imaginative little book is full of BIG fun. The vocabulary is fast-paced and full of humor, and the illustrations are full of red and yellow lines, white backgrounds, and enough action to spill off the page. Young children will recognize their own antics when their own mothers aren’t watching — like when Frido dresses up in his mommy’s clothes and when he and his friends dance to mommy’s favorite music collection.

Use this book as reward reading, or use it to include a bit of humor when your class (or your child) is discussing animal/pet behavior. It’s guaranteed fun!


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