Go Wild! Sea Turtles


Sea turtle lovers will adore the latest installment in the National Geographic Kids book, titled Go Wild! Sea Turtles. The book opens with an eye-popping photo of a chocolatey brown colored turtle which, curiously, is labeled a Green Turtle. From there, the images get even better, with scenes of turtles gliding in sky-blue water against a backdrop of colorful coral reef.

Moving full steam ahead with its turtle education agenda, the book delves into teaching children where sea turtles can be found (including Hawaii, Mexico, and Malaysia), how much they love warm, shallow water, and how they take floaty naps on top of the waves when they need a snooze. Young readers learn about the smallest sea turtle (the Kemp Ridley), the largest sea turtle (the leatherback), and every sea turtle in between.

Budding oceanographers and marine biologists will adore this book. There is a close up diagram of the turtle’s body parts (short back flippers, hidden ears, clear eyesight, hard upper and lower shell, etc), and why they are perfect for life in the ocean. There is also an interesting section on how sea turtles leak out the salt they consume from the sea. In case you didn’t know, it leaks out through their eyes!

This book is fast-paced with an appropriate vocabulary for Grades 1-5, and it is filled to the watery brim with the types of exquisite photos Nat Geo is known for. There are images of nesting turtles and newly-hatched turtles racing to the ocean; images of young turtles swimming in the sea weed, and even a timeline of the green turtle’s long, long life (some live for 80 years!).

Use this book in your science or environment class, or as supplemental reading during library or quiet time. Enjoy!


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