If you love fluff, black-and-whiteness, adorable white claws, and animated clown-faced expressions… you probably love pandas. In that case, Go Wild! Pandas, by National Geographic Kids is the book for you and your child.

In this delightful, easy-to-read hardcover book, young children learn where pandas live (in bamboo forests with tall trees and rocky ledges), what they eat (bamboo!), and how they raise their young (they drink their mother’s milk). They learn why pandas are called “giant pandas,” how pandas communicate (via squeaks, honks and chirps, among other sounds), and how, sadly, there are only about 1800 pandas left in the wild today.

Readers get a front row seat to how pandas play, how and where they sleep, how they compare to their cousins (the brown bear, the American Black Bear and the Sun Bear), and how they love to cuddle with their panda mommy.

Go Wild! Pandas is a wonderful handbook with answers to every question you ever had about pandas. The vocabulary is simple enough for early and upper elementary classes, the pacing is pleasingly fast, and the Nat Geo images are full of eye-popping beauty.

This book is the perfect supplement for science or geography classes, and can also be used to encourage independent reading.


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