1001 Bees


Bees, bees, bees! Can any insect be busier than bees? If you thought you were overrun with insects when author Joanna Rzezak introduced readers to 1001 Ants, just wait until you read 1001 Bees!

The book opens with busy bees having a buzzing good time flitting about Mr. Busby’s beehives. But readers quickly learn that beehives are not stationary, and that Mr. Busby moves the hives to make sure there are enough flowers nearby, or loans them out to fruit growers so they can pollinate their trees. By the time readers are only a few pages in, they get an eye-full of the buzz-worthy activity deep inside the hive. There they learn all about the queen bee, her attendants, worker bees, scout bees, and drones who mate with the queen.

This fast-paced, lively, over-sized book gives readers an up-close-and-personal look at the structured chaos of bee life. Ms. Rzezak, who is also the illustrator, serves up birds, bees, flowers and trees in soft pastels, dramatic yellow-and-blacks, lush greens and rambunctious purples and pinks. There are illustrations of herons standing one-legged in the marsh as bees whiz past; toads chilling among the plants; starlings among the cherry trees; and so much more.

1001 Bees is an exhilarating book about bees, insects, the circle of life, and just about everything in between. Use it for supplemental reading or for your elementary student’s science class, or for independent reading in your middle grade classroom. It is also a perfect reference for the class that likes to take nature walks in spring. Enjoy!


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