You Might Find Yourself


Almost nothing is better than when a child uses his or her imagination, and author Tai Snaith’s newest picture book, You Might Find Yourself, is the perfect picture book to help children do just that.

The book opens with an aerial view of a lush green maze of hedges that foreshadows all of the amazing twists and turns a child will encounter on the path of life. The next pages confirm reinforce the maze of life with the words:

Life is like a winding path, with lots of different places to discover along the way.
If you could go anywhere, imagine where you might find yourself…”

And from there…readers are off on the imagination journey of their life. They are encouraged to image where they might find themselves if they were in a cool, shady place with lots of trees and foliage, or a bright and summery place with lots of water and sand, or what they might find if the go snorkeling under the sea. There are more things to imagine, like where they might find themselves if they are in a difficult situation where they’ve been hurt, or what it might be like to ride on a crowded subway and imagine themselves as someone else.

This is a unique and quiet and amazingly creative book! Even though the Ms. Snaith’s mixed media illustrations show scenes that go along with the words, “You might find yourself…”, the book does not box in children’s imagination. In fact, it encourages children to use their imaginations to conjure up different amazing or funny or creative situations they may find themselves in on this path of life. Ms. Snaith’s prose is charmingly brief and wonderfully repetitious. The mixed media illustrations are full of color and motion, and there is even a section in the back that offers “Extra things to think and do” in order to use your imagination and make the world a better place.

Use this book as supplemental reading at home of in class. It is great as a jumping off point for group discussions on using your imagination, considering the randomness of life, and ways to approach the future or the unknown with excitement, compassion and open-mindedness.



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