Yoga Animals: A Wild Introduction to Kid-Friendly Poses


What’s more adorable than warm, fuzzy animals? Warm fuzzy animals that teach children yoga! To find them, you only need to read author Paige Towler’s new picture book, Yoga Animals: A Wild Introduction to Kid-Friendly Poses.

The book opens with an astute observation: that animals stretch, bend, curl and jump all day, and that children can learn to stretch the same way. Ms. Towler then focuses the reader’s attention on animal poses. There’s a picture of a tall giraffe stretching its neck as it reaches for leaves; lovely flamingos that balance on one leg; and gorillas that bend forward and drop their arms. She goes on to describe how cats arch their backs, puppies stretch their legs, lions roar, and a host of other animals bend and stretch on a daily basis.

But the book does not merely dictate a list of which animal making what pose; each page spread shows the yoga animal on the left side and a young child duplicating the pose on the right. And each description is told in rhyme that is adorable, precise, and never misses a beat. The book concludes with a re-cap of all the animal and corresponding people poses.

Use this book in your home exercise program, or to introduce a small group of young children to the joys of yoga.


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