Why Do Cats Meow


If cat behavior, cat quirkiness, and all things cat are on your mind, there’s a book that is perfect for you. It’s called Why Do Cats Meow?, and it’s written by Dr. Nick Crumpton and illustrated by Lily Snowden-Fine.

This oversized picture book opens with an adorable collage of cat illustrations on the wall. The collage brings a quick smile because Snowden-Fine captures all of the elegance and snooty disdain that our beloved cats are known for. Afterward, the book jumps right into a charming mixture of scientific fact and urban cat legend to answer the most common questions about cats.

Did you know that cats started living alongside humans over 9,000 years ago? Did you know that there are over 40 species of cats that include lions and tigers and…well, not bears, but just about every other big cat known to man? This book is full of the most interesting information about cats. There are random facts, like which cat has the longest tail in the world, how cats mark their territories, and why cats rub against your leg. Readers learn why cats meow, what different meows mean, and why cats have whiskers.

The prose in this book is written in sweet, digestible chunks so that young children can easily understand what they are reading. The illustrations are done up in warm colors and friendly expressions. If you’ve ever had ANY question about ANY aspect of a cat, its furry makeup and its impossibly snooty behavior, you need THIS book. There is a list of cat words in the back, and an index to make finding what you’re looking for very easy.

Use this book as supplemental reading at home or in the classroom. It makes a super gift for those with cats of their own at home. Enjoy!


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