The Big Sticker Book of Blooms


The only thing better than a big book about beautiful blooms is a big book about beautiful bloom stickers. Author Yuval Zommer returns with The Big Sticker Book of Blooms, which is the perfect commpanion to The Big Book of Blooms.

This over-sized paper back has pages of lush flowers that readers can interact with. For example, readers are encouraged to place bird and bee stickers on “proteas” flowers that produce lots of nectar. They can color in wild flowers and trace the zig-zag path that pollinators (including bees, bats and butterflies) take when they are visiting flowers.

Readers learn about everything from water lilies to trailing vines to the 3,000 different types of tulips (which they can color!) and more as they thumb through this earth-toned treasure of nature and wildlife. This lovely book with its 250+ stickers is perfect for the early elementary classroom, the preschool classroom, and any child’s private library. The prose educates even as it teaches young readers to follow directions.

This book of fun (and flowers) promises not to disappoint. Enjoy!


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