Pop-Up Volcano!


The fire and glory of an erupting volcano is something to behold. Unfortunately, it typically must be viewed from a distance, otherwise the observer may be consumed by the heat. Until NOW! Author Fleur Daugey’s new picture book, Pop-Up Volcano!, is the perfect way to see just what goes on inside and out of volcano without getting scorched in the process.

From the very first page, young fans do not only learn all about the layers of planet Earth down to the liquid hot magma inside and the solid inner core — they also SEE the Earth’s soft brown crust and increasingly fire-colored inner core in a popup. They learn about what happened on Mount Vesuvius way back in 79 CE (Common Era), based on the notes of a scientist named Pliny. On the very next page, they learn about the different types of explosive eruptions, including how far volcanic streams can go and how destructive they are. This is visually confirmed when young readers open the page to its full width and witness the amazing red and black volcanic expulsion created by the masterful popup inside.

This amazing, informative, well-crafted book will mesmerize young scientists from the first page to the last. Author Daugey’s prose seems to suit upper elementary classrooms, but the popups are perfect for ages 4-8. Illustrator Tom Vaillant’s and Paper Engineer Bernard Duisit’s explosive popups seem dangerous, intriguing and kid-friendly all at the same time, which makes for the perfect STEM exploration book. There are sections on how to carefully study volcanoes, how animals under the sea live with them, and what volcanoes look like in space.

Use this exciting book in your science class to open up dialogues about science, natural phenomenons or disasters. It can also be used in the art classroom to inspire free expression. Enjoy!


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