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How to Spot an Artist: This Might Get Messy


If you are looking for a feel-good picture book that teaches you how to spot an artist — and how to be one, look no further. How to Spot An Artist: This Might Get Messy, by Danielle Krysa, is just what the doctor (or should that be artist,) ordered!

From the color-splattered opening to the very last page, this lively, kid-friendly art-project-turned-picture-book will keep you and your little artist smiling from ear to ear. Little blobs of yellow, starfish shapes of tan, perfect squares of aqua, and upside-down rainbow colors greet readers with the mantra that “no two artists are alike,” and that they come in every size shape and color. There may be loud artists (blobs of red) and soft, rather shy artists (dollops of gray). Through shapes, blobs, blots, and pretzel-like scribbles, Ms. Krysa shows young readers that you cannot judge an artist by his or her cover…or color blob.

Use this delightful book to coach your children in what makes an artist, what the create, what they look like, and why you should never, ever try to bully them or stifle their creativity. It is great for early elementary classrooms, free time in art class on a lazy afternoon, or as an inspiration for your child’s personal bookshelf.



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