Fetch! A How To Speak Dog Training Guide


If you are searching for ways to train your puppy or adult dog, Nat Geo Kids has the perfect book. It’s called Fetch: A How to Speak Dog Training Guide, and it is adorably informative in every way. Have a dog AND a cat? See the companion book, Pounce! A How to Speak Cat Training Guide.

Using a chart of the fluffiest, most pointy-eared, curly-tailed puppy ever, the editors teach young readers about their dog’s makeup. Readers learn, among other things, about how dogs see (eyes), why they can smell more smells than we can (nose), what the position of their tails means. From their, readers get an earful about the history of dog training (like shepherding and German Shepherd war dogs). There are sections that answer questions like, when is the best time to begin teaching your dog, and you teach an old dogs new tricks?

This book has everything from dog treats to the best dog toys; doggy film stars to what type of dog you would be if you were a dog. There are also longer, more detailed sections that cover basic necessary commands, like sit, stay, and NO!; and even more details on advanced commands, like catch, play dead, and high five.

This is an adorable and timeless book about understanding and training your dog. Authors Aubre Andrus and Gary weitzman use prose that is as vibrant and fast-paced as it is fun. The Nat Geo illustrations are an up-close and colorful adventure just waiting for all the dog lovers out there.

Use this book as supplemental reading or as a gift to the child who is preparing to adopt his or her first dog.



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