Dinosaur Feathers


Everybody loves a good dinosaur book, and when it rhymes — lookout out for BIG fun! In author Dennis Nolan’s new picture book, Dinosaur Feathers, readers get a lesson in early dino doings, all done up in an ear-tickling rhyming book to boot.

The book opens with important information on dinos of every color that snarl, snap and ogle each other as they go about their enormous business. These details are served up in smile-inducing rhymes that teach young readers where dinos lived, laid their eggs, and just how large they became.

The dinosaurs
lived by the shores
of Mesozoic seas.

And in the shade
their eggs were laid
among the gingko trees.

As the book proceeds, children encounter the same mystery that has been haunting scientists for centuries: dinosaurs begin to die out, and no one knows why. The twist to this tragedy is that the few that lived grew feathers and became the owls, parakeets, wrens, and other birds we know today.

Dinosaur Feathers is an entertaining and informative picture book that is perfect for budding dino lovers and the parents who supply their dinosaur habit. If there is one quibble, it is the relentlessly long list (eleven pages!) of dino names that demonstrate the diversity of the species. This aside, the vibrant illustrations that show the stark contrasts between humongous dinosaurs and the hyperactive little birds they become are story-starters all their own.

Use this book in an early- or upper-elementary classroom to open discussions about world history, science, animal life, evolution, or how rhymes make learning fun.



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