A Girl Like You


He’s baaaack…and this time he is empowering girls! Author Frank Murphy teams up with his wife Carla Murphy to offer a heartwarming sequel to the unforgettable picture book, A Boy Like You. It is aptly named A Girl Like You, and its pages are fit for little queens and princesses everywhere.

In this lovingly illustrated over-sized picture book, readers meet girls who try new things, girls who stand up to bullies, and girls who run for student council. Girls who lift weights, girls who set goals and stick to them, and girls who study the stars. Readers also get to celebrate girls who voice their opinions, girls who choose the right friends (friends who are kind and thoughtful), and girls who don’t mind saying their sorry when they’re wrong.

Team Murphy’s prose is short, sweet and to-the-point, and is sprinkled with good feelings and good sense. Illustrator Kayla Harren captures achingly sweet facial expressions as girls comfort sad friends, girls remember friends’ birthdays, girls work hard to take care of their neighborhoods, and girls whose emotions overwhelm them lean on their mothers’ shoulders for a good cry.

This heartwarming book is a must-have for every daughter age 4-8. It should encourage “outsider” girls, prick the conscience of popular girls, and coach girls everywhere that being selfish and thoughtless is out, and being kind, helpful and proudly female is very, very in



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